#5 Guus

"The Dancer"

Age 30
Weight 94kg
Height 1.95m
Position Center
Experience 6 months

IMG#59424 @guusvoogt

Hey, I’m Guus, the tall blond one, and the one they call – The Dancer. I really love doing the splits, and I’m super tall, so it’s a dramatic dip. I think my teammates are still trying to figure out what is going on inside this 6”4' big kid, as I’m pretty new to the team; I joined 6 months ago. I played water polo when I was a little kid and needed a sport that I love to do; it’s a team sport, competitive, a great workout and “good” for the body. Since I’m the proud owner of a 'Gay License' I decided to join a gay team, and Sergio, AKA Peaches, introduced me to Waterproof. Being on a gay team, I feel very safe in the water with my teammates, during training & outside the pool. There’s no room for homophobia, and we share a significant common good. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, levels, conditions, etc., but we can channel that into two things: being our gay-selves, and the love for water polo. I’m so single, which will turn out fine at some point, but for now I’m doing well. Also, my other half (twin brother) found himself a girlfriend, so now I really have to find a boyfriend. My tips for Paris are: Meet the locals, wherever you are! Don’t be shy, walk up to them & let them take you places you would never find staring at your phone. Open worlds, for yourself and others. And never let them forget you. ;)

Desert island essentials:

  • Music
  • A dog
  • Superpower to breathe underwater