#7 Bram

"Polar Bear"

Age 28
Weight 98kg
Height 195m
Position Back Center
Experience 18 months

IMG#59424 @bramveen1989

Hello, I’m Bram, the Polar Bear.

I used to play water polo when I was younger. A while ago my aunt invited me to swim with Amsterdam Waterproof, she’s also on the team. I really liked it and have been going for over 18 months now.

Being on a gay team is like with any other sport except that you look each other a little longer in the eyes.

I’m a teacher. I talk about economy while a bunch of teenagers, staring at their phones, happen to be in the room.

I like beautiful art-house films, good specialty beer, playing bourgeois board games, running, and my cat.

My favorite color is aquamarine. My favorite song is anything as long as I can just belt it out and go totally wild. I found this adorable sweater in Antwerp with a cassette print. It's my favorite thing in my wardrobe at the moment. Really when I think about things in my life that make me happy, I have to confess, it's my friends. I know that's cliché, but for me it’s true.

As far as I know, I’m single.

My top tip for a nice time in Paris is the Cocktail bar Candelaria, for the best cocktails, and tacos I’ve ever had.

Desert island essentials:

  • A really comfortable bed
  • Gin
  • And tonic