#3 Bernard

"The Burn"

Age 28
Weight 102KG
Height 2.02M
Position Center Back
Experience 3 Years

IMG#59424 @gingerbeardgiant

Hello, Romeos everywhere,
I’m Bernard, but the team calls me ‘Burn,’ and I'm a Centre Back.
After I gave up my professional Handball career to move to Amsterdam and ‘live a little.’ I wanted to stay fit, try new things and make new friends. So I trained with multiple clubs in different sports. Being a former handball player, I’m a skilled ball handler (wink), and water polo is basically the same sport only less clothing and more liquids. Also Waterproof invited me out for drinks after practice, and that's how you get me.
Being on a gay team is soooo much fun. My whole life I’ve played in a team sport, and after practice, most team members usually hung out and talked about life and stuff, (mostly women and boobs). This never appealed to me. Now that I play in a gay team I finally get it. It's so lovely to talk to people with the same interests and mindset.
My favorite color is Glitter Purple. My favorite movie is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. And probably my most favorite thing in the world, (If I had to choose between sex and this thing. Sex would still win, but it would be a close call) is Frikandel, the Dutch delicacy.
I'm single with a crush on our water polo trainer Sven. But I’ll never have him. His heart belongs to his wife, whom I also love. Looking for the "Sven" of my life in the meanwhile I’m flirting my ass off.
I'm not familiar with Paris, but I’d love to go to the Moulin Rouge. Maybe go on an adventure in the catacombs of Paris or get in a dance battle with a mime player outside the Louvre.

Desert island essentials:

  • An inflatable jacuzzi
  • A poster of Hugh Jackman
  • An Etch a Sketch