We dream of a world where all LGBT+ people enjoy equal opportunities in Life & the pursuit of Happiness.

A lot of great things have happened in our community over the decades. We, an independent gay company, are a great example. We enjoy the freedom, that those before us fought so hard for.

As ROMEO grew internationally, we came in contact with discrimination and suffering in people’s everyday life. We knew the facts, but it was shocking to face the personal stories of forced marriage, violence, and persecution that our users experience.

That is why our mission is not only to create the best online space for our gay family but to use our platform to create substantial support for our LGBT+ community in the real world.

PlanetRomeo Foundation

We kickstart small brave LGBT+ initiatives where it is most needed worldwide.

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225 Projects

85 Countries

€1M+ Funded

Care for our online community

We at ROMEO come from all corners of the world. We know it is not always easy to be gay or to make new friends outside of sex. That's why we aim to create an open-minded place where people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and cultures feel welcome. In our community, you will find the full range of gay life from hot dates to making friends or even falling in love. The liberal spirit we enjoy here in Amsterdam & Berlin is something we want to transport into our online community.

We support this by more features for free than anyone else. We are sex-positive and have a website version without prudish store rules. We are not afraid to pick up controversial topics. As an independent gay company, we can do things businessmen in suits would never do this is particularly important if you think long term, like we do, in the interest of the gay community.

Let's work together

You can help us to build the best features and keep our community a friendly place.

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Care can be sexy

During the Amsterdam Pride week, our HUNQZ swapped windows with the ladies in the Famous Red Light District to raise awareness for the need for safe and legal spaces for sex workers.

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