More Reasons to Become a PLUS User

Let's be honest, we have been getting the same feedback for years, "Why should I pay for PLUS when I get all I need for free?" Fair enough, we would privately think the same. 🙂 That's why we want to talk to you today about some changes that we're making and explain why we're doing them.

Our revenue is based entirely on PLUS subscriptions, and our last price increase was in 2017. Additionally, we completely stopped advertising on ROMEO in 2021 to protect your privacy and remove annoying ads. That is why we announced in the past that we are planning to make changes to our PLUS membership. After postponing it twice - considering the economic situation - we've decided it’s finally time.

Feature changes we're making

This week, we’re carefully restricting some of our free features to become PLUS-only features. However, we will still be committed to delivering all the essentials for free. By making these changes, we will align PLUS features across the App and the Website. This means, for example, that a paid feature in the App will now also be a paid feature on the Website.

  • Basic search options will remain free, but additional search options will require a PLUS membership.
  • Starting a new Quickshare will be for PLUS members. As a free user, you can still respond unlimitedly. By doing this, we also hope to reduce the number of annoying Quickshare requests that you receive and encourage users to send a friendly first message.
  • The selection of different grid views will be restricted. Only the default grid will be free, while list view or big grid will be a PLUS feature.
  • Free users will only see 150 search results, while PLUS members have infinite scrolling.

We understand that these changes may be frustrating for you, and we are sorry for that. This step is necessary to ensure the long-term independence of the ROMEO community. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Team ROMEO 💙

Care team