Let’s talk about Fraud

The internet has brought us many great things - memes, online shopping, porn… it has also brought some unwanted guests, namely fraudsters. The bad guys trying to ruin our fun. Whether that be using a sexy model’s picture in their profile to catfish you, or trying to lure you to dark corners of the internet to hack your details. In ROMEO we deal with fraud all day, every day, and we are pretty good at preventing it. On average we delete 9 out of 10 fake profiles with the first 24hrs, and the rest shortly after.

In ROMEO we like to think of ourselves as experts in fraud prevention, we have a dedicated fraud prevention and security teams who spend their days (and nights) keeping the bad guys out of our playground. They use advanced technology, AI, and their own wit to fight fraud.

But what is Fraud?

Fraud takes many shapes and forms, from “Hey that’s my ex’s picture in your profile” otherwise known as identity theft, to “Can you send me money for a plane ticket to see you” - Love scams. Catfishing is so prominent that MTV made a show out of it. These types of fraud are usually individuals or small groups of people working together, and they can cause a lot of damage to your heart, wallet, and identity.

The other type of fraud is the more professional type which is referred to as spammers or hackers. These guys will send you messages with links to something enticing (who doesn’t like free porn??) that takes you away from the safety of the platform to less secure spaces. Here they may try to access your private information for their gain.

Then there are hackers, these guys wear different colored hats and mostly want to access your data to steal, change, or destroy information, and in some cases ask for a ransom to return what is yours. The best way to protect yourself from them is to make sure you have a unique and safe password, with some uppercase characters, numbers, and symbols. Take a look at what you have and see if it is safe (hint - password is the single most hacked in the world). You get bonus safety points if you change your password regularly.

What can I do?

Our teams do a great job stopping these guys before they ever get to you but sometimes things can slip past even us. If you encounter a fake or a fraud it is important that you:

  1. Report them
  2. Block them
  3. Do not click any links
    (we have warnings in place to help you)

Easy Reporting in 2 clicks

We are constantly working to make sure that fraud is removed from our platform quickly.

We have recently introduced an even easier way to report suspicious profiles.

Screenshot description 1
Screenshot description 2

Better Together

Your safety and enjoyment on the ROMEO website or apps are important to us. We need your help to keep ROMEO a playground for us all to enjoy. If you see anything that doesn’t look or feel right, hit the report button. If there is anything else you would like to speak to us about please contact The more people who do this the better chance we have of getting rid of the bad guys forever.