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What’s Your (Secret) Fetish?

This weekend is Leather and Fetish Pride Amsterdam. For sure, some of us will have fun! Leather is very popular and gets a lot of visibility, but there are so many more fetishes out there to explore.  What are yours? 

Often we keep our kinks secret; we never talk about them to our friends, or put them on our profiles for everyone to see. This is where ROMEO Groups come in. Our Groups feature is perfect to find like minded people while keeping your kink private. With Groups, there’s nothing to be shy about when it comes to your most secret kinks!

We spoke to Tio Lelieveld, Mr. Leather Netherlands 2022 about how to live your fetish. “You want to have a talk with people who have similar thoughts, and that’s why Groups are great because you know already that whomever is in this group likes what you like.” 

Tio’s profile is MrLthrNL22, he likes to talk to other users with any curious questions. He’s also part of groups like Friends of XXXLeather and Geared!
Total number of ROMEO Groups per fetish

Check for your fetish groups 👥

Sadly, Groups are not available in the app version of ROMEO. They are considered too ‘hot to handle’ for the apps and we don’t want to get in trouble with California 😜 This is why they are only available when you’re signed into ROMEO from a browser (either on your computer or even your phone/tablet). Check our Groups info page for more on Groups.

Groups are only available on the website version of ROMEO. But you can sign in from a browser through your phone or tablet!

If it’s a fetish that exists, then there’s probably a Group about it on ROMEO. Into muscle worship? There’s a Group for that. Skaterboys? Also! Into Underwear or Socks? Yes, and yes 😅

What if you can’t find the group that you are looking for? Well, this is where you can create your own! Anyone can create a Group: and you can decide if you want this Group to be public, private, or secret.

Muscle fetish? 30+ groups waiting for you!

With a fetish, everyone can play ⚽️

Remember, you don’t have to be a specific ‘type’ to be part of a kink scene. That’s old school. For example, Tom of Finland’s illustrations can make you think you need to be big and beefy to be into leather. That’s not the case. Tio told us: “I’m a small guy and I love my leather. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, if you’re young, if you’re butch, femme, beefy, or tiny. It just matters that you’re into the fetish!” That’s the only condition.