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We're asking Team ROMEO how it's been, adjusting to the "new normal". In this "We Stand With You" we speak to Harry in Berlin.

We Stand With You

We’re asking Team ROMEO how it’s going, adjusting to being at home. In this “We Stand With You” we speak to Harry in Berlin.

QA and Gamer – Harry

Place of Origin: Athens, Greece.

What is your role in ROMEO/ERASYS: I am a Quality Assurance Tester.

What do you do for our users:

Being a Q.A. Tester means that I am responsible for finding ‘Bugs’ on our platform. Since we care a lot about the users, we try to provide them with the best experience. And this is where I appear!!

We Stand With You - Quality Gamer - Harry

How are you finding working from home:

Hmmmm…. I have to admit that this was very difficult for me, in the beginning, since I am the guy that is very busy with several activities, but I have made my peace with it…. I consider myself very lucky that I have the privilege to work from home.

Any tips for users doing the same:

Well, I guess that staying home is in a way healing. We could all use this time to get our personal goals in order. Strengthening our bonds with our friends and family is also something super-duper important!! (For me at least….) Last but not least, if any of you is into RPGs (Role Player Gaming), now is the best time to play!!

We stand with you - berlin

What do you usually do in your free time:

I Normally, I enjoy meeting friends for board games (including D&D), or going out to bars and clubs. Otherwise, I grab my bike and try to explore the city of Berlin myself!!

What are you doing to keep busy in your spare time:

Since meeting friends is not an option anymore, I try to keep my house clean and tidy, but in a veeeery sloooow way…. Because every time I try, I catch myself finding a blast from the past! So, tidying up takes hours! I also started watching series and playing video games on my Switch…. Not mention that I play a lot more D&D than I used to!! I am a g(r)eek after all! -THANK YOU, technology!

We stand with you - berlin

What are you binge-watching:

I finished with “i-Zombie”, that I actually found cool!! And now I am watching Animes!


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