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We ran a fetish survey in July to uncover your favorite kind of kink, your preferred sexual roles, and a whole lot more. 6,000 Romeos took part and now we’re ready to reveal the full results. To find out what came out on top as the #1 body part, the most popular sex position or sexual role, just scroll down. You know you want to.


Jocks, pups and twinks were the top three kinds of guys our Romeos voted for. When it comes to favorite fetishes, underwear and sportswear are the leaders with 28% and 22% respectively. Boots and puppy fetish came out with the lowest interest at just 8% and 6% respectively.

The Hanky Code

We’ve looked at the Hanky Code on PLANETROMEO before, and this time the results came in pretty much the same, so you guys are consistent. The most popular hankies of choice are Dark Blue and Light Blue for Anal and Oral. Yummy! The other end of the scale with the lowest overall votes were purple for piercings and brown for… well you can take an educated guess what brown represents in a color code system.

Top – Vers – Bottom

Every time you meet a guy online you might wonder, is he a top or a bottom. As you grow and mature you might flip and flop between the roles yourself. Our survey reveals that the most common role is ‘Bottom vers’ with 28% or 1,680 votes. When it comes to ‘Top only’, these guys are rare, 11% or 660 votes.


Pinned Missionary

The #1 sex position is Pinned Missionary, which we described as,  ‘Bottom on his back, legs up by his ears, top pins him down (harder and with respect)’. 2,520 votes out of 6,000 putting it way in the lead.

Doggy Style

The most famous sex position for straight and gay people has to be Doggy Style. In our survey, the position on all fours came in 2nd place with 1,920 Doggy Style lovers. Bow Wow!


Elevated came in 3rd place. We described this position as, ‘Top is standing, bottom is laying on a table or kitchen counter (time to get drilled)’ and 1,560 of you think this is the best position to get jiggy in/with.

Body Parts

When it comes to body parts the #1 favorite was ‘Dick’ and we can’t complain. I mean some dicks are god damn beautiful. In 2nd place, it’s Butt and then Nipples and Balls. Sounds like a full meal to us.


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