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Love Story: Manos and Atai

They met four years ago on ROMEO, and today, they want to share their love story with the world. As many of us have experienced, not all family members know about their love story (or don’t accept it), so we’ll leave some personal information out. One is from Greece, one from China, but now living an openly gay life together in Paris. 🥖

It all started with a Footprint

They were both living in Paris. Atai visited Manos’ profile but was too shy to make the first move. Manos sent him a “Sexy” footprint, and the rest is history. Soon afterward, they met at Manos’ place and had an amazing night together. The next day, Manos saw that Atai had deleted his profile. Fortunately, they had each other’s phone numbers.

“I deleted the profile because I met you,” Atai told him.

Traveling has been a big part of their relationship, with amazing trips across France, the Canary Islands, and Crete 🇬🇷 – Manos’ home. The trip to this Greek island was the most memorable as Atai met Manos’ family and friends. It all happened in a short period of time.

Discussing their relationship with friends and family hasn’t always been straightforward. Most of them are accepting and happy to see them in love. Some want to perceive them as just friends. “That is also fair because we’re friends above all,” says Manos.

The most romantic Valentine’s Day in Strasbourg 🇫🇷

It was their second Valentine’s Day together. Manos traveled to Strasbourg and surprised Atai with chocolate. They shared a heartwarming dinner at a restaurant, and that was enough to remember that day forever. 🥰

Like any couple, they have their quirks. Manos gets annoyed by Atai’s untidiness, while Atai finds Manos’ need for tidiness a bit much. “The solution is, of course, in the middle,” they both laugh while talking about it.

In a relationship, but still on ROMEO


Manos maintains his ROMEO profile, not to seek new relationships, but to stay connected with the gay community. He believes in the importance of being part of the community, knowing what is happening, and supporting each other. It is important not to forget transparency and honesty in relationships. 🏳️‍🌈

It’s important for me to stay in contact with old friends, new friends, and possible hookups for the things you don’t necessarily do with your partner. We live in 2024. Hypocrisy is a thing of the past. We love transparency, and caring about each other’s feelings is our biggest priority.

Time to celebrate love on a Gay Cruise 🛳️

This love story won our hearts! Manos and Atai are the winners of the competition for the Spartacus cruise and will spend this autumn cruising in the Mediterranean. It’s the biggest gay cruise in Europe, with unique entertainment on board, accessibility for guests with disabilities, and a safe space for everyone in our community! Their ship features two pools, stylish cabins, special dining experiences, a spa, and of course, a gym. The cruise is almost sold out, but you can still join. Check the availability via the Spartacus website.

We would like to hear from you, too! Share your love story or how you met a friend for life on ROMEO via email. Stay connected!