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4 Tips to Ride an XL

Bigger is better.

Or is it? After we published Everyone Sees Me as a Human Dildo, our (popular) blog on the pressing matter of size, we kept asking ourselves that question. We know many people in our community are hung up on big D.

Some of ROMEO’s biggest (no pun intended) Groups tell us all we need to know. Check out Monster Cocks, Xxl-penis, monsterxxxlclub, BigCock, and I like big cocks. Wonder what those are about? 🤔

Not everybody has a big dick, but everybody seems to be looking for one. The size conversation can also quickly become heated and controversial. So we worked hard and gathered some opinions on size, as well as tips to help you take bigger Ds with ease. Curious? Let’s get into it.

Polls on poles

We asked our ROMEOs on Instagram if they think bigger is better. The results were… interesting – to say the least. Some thought it wasn’t worth the hype, while others said they would never settle for anything under XL! (😅) Take a look at what they had to say:

Some were honest. They said that bigger is better, but they were clear about why they think that.

Some were size queens. They had to remind us that they need big D to survive.

There were, of course, the non-believers. To them, size isn’t everything.

And, naturally, the thirsty (and chaotic) ones. We get it, you’re a hungry lil’ bttm.

“Everyone is obsessed with big dicks”

That’s what Zachary Zane told us. “This is not true just for gay and bi men, but for straight women and straight men as well.” He’s right: even straight guys can’t stop thinking or talking about dick size.

Zachary is the author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto and founder of the queer erotica zine, Boyslut.

“I think there’s this idea that you are ‘more masculine’ if you have a bigger penis. Needless to say, that’s not true,” he clarifies. Since big dicks are often seen as a measure of masculinity or virility, a lot of people end up fixating on either having or holding a big tool.

But what are some other reasons? “Some guys really just prefer the sensation,” Zachary says, plain and simple. Indeed, a lot of guys out there do ‘love a challenge.’ Think of people who have dedicated their lives to stretching themselves out with big toys. Whether on or off the internet. 👀

According to Zachary, “many gay and bi men pride themselves in being an insatiable bottom who can take any cock, no matter the size.”

Being able to bottom for big tools is a source of pride or a badge of honor for some. In many cases, it becomes a big part of their sexual identity. Also, it makes for juicy conversation material for the slutty group chat or next Saturday’s brunch.

The full picture

Being well-hung comes with all these awesome perks. But does it come with challenges? For sure. “You’ll definitely be sought after for having a massive D,” says Zachary, but this can also mean that you’ll get fetishized in the process. In this case, “people won’t care about your personality, they’ll just care about your dick.” And that can make dating or finding a deeper connection tricky.

Whatever your size preference is, you can always play around with the filters on ROMEO. They’re very detailed, and you can even bookmark different filter combinations. This makes it super easy to switch between different filter combinations. Try it now!

For some, a too-big tool is actually a big no-no. “Of course, there are guys for whom your dick will just be too big. They’re not looking to get impaled, so they won’t want to sleep with you or even date you,” Zachary says. Indeed, not everyone is a power bottom, a porn star, or an expert hole-stretcher.

Just the tips

Since many members of our community are very much XXL-chasers, we thought we’d list some essential tips compiled by Zachary and us on how you can make sure that no matter what, you’re still preserving the well-being of your bootyhole. 🍑

  1. Train. “You can’t just hop on a thick 10-incher without some anal training,” says Zachary. But how exactly? “I recommend loosening, training, and gauging your anus over the course of the day or even week. Masturbate with a butt plug in your rear end, and when that plug or dildo feels loose, then upgrade to a bigger one.”
  2. Turn it on. Foreplay is sexy, but it’s actually crucial for anal sex—especially when the D is far from average-sized. You have to be relaxed to take it up the butt, so don’t rush your hookup. Check in with yourself: maybe you had a long day at work and need to get turned on slowly before getting down to business. Relax, play, and communicate.
  3. Switch positions. You know your body better than any top does (hey, if you find a top who’s an exception to that rule—put a ring on it 💍). So when it comes to positions in bed, you should communicate when something’s not working for you. When in doubt, switch it up. You might be fussy in one position and then a total power bottom in the next—there’s only one way to find out.
  4. Lube it up. “Spit does not cut it!” Zachary says. You can never be too lubed up, especially if you’re not that much of an expert (yet). Remember that you can’t use silicone lube on silicone toys, but it is highly recommended for when you get fucked by the real thing.

And there you have it

We know this is a lot to take in. But relax; you’ve got all the time in the world to hop on our ROMEO, explore Groups and Filters, and maybe find some people to chat and maybe even practice with. 🤓 Why not? A new year means new adventures. 🚀 Have fun, cuties.

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