Romeo + Romeo

Marco + Luiz

Marco met Luiz as an intern in Brazil, and despite the differences in time zones and culture, they stayed together and are still madly in love.

Love at first sight

Love does not hesitate. Neither country, culture nor time zone are obstacles for its whimsy. A spark between two people knows no boundaries. After their first weekend together, nothing has kept Marco and Luiz from experiencing love completely. They lept into the arms of love and the unknown, and never looked back. No fear of missing out because love is never lost or wasted.

They are always in contact and only separated by eight thousand kilometers; their main focus is on how and where to build a future together. Taking a chance can start something new...and amazing!

It was INCREDIBLE! We were like a house on fire.


Breno + Bence

Love is powerful and can happen anywhere. Breno and Bence found love at an underground party in Budapest and have been a couple since.

Melvic + Valdis

Despite Melvic living in the Philippines and Valdis in Latvia, these lovers have built a lasting relationship that proves how strong love is.

Romeo + Romeo

Our Romeos often say 'if only you were closer' after they've fallen in love. We've brought some of these distant lovers together.

Love without limits

There are no obstacles to love, only obstacles to being together. We received over 2000 responses from members in 138 countries who've found love, and we hope you never stop looking for it. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there is a Romeo out there for you.

ROMEO + ROMEO - LOVE BEYOND BORDERS is a concept from Sipke Jan Bousema and produced by SJB Media. (C) PlanetRomeo BV 2017