Romeo + Romeo

Bence + Breno

Love is powerful and can happen anywhere. Breno and Bence found love at an underground party in Budapest and have been a couple since.

This kind of love is strong.

Love appears when you least expect it; often taking time and effort to win over your heart. Love does what it wants. It may seem like it's playing with you by sending you suggestive chats, hiding in some dark place, or just around the corner.

Life in Budapest is very different than what Breno is used to in Brazil, and he never expected Bence. 60 days of chatting online and one lucky night later, they meet at an underground gay party. Soon they grew into a couple, supporting each other through thick and thin. Although Breno returned to Brazil two years ago, they're still together. They didn't fall in love, they realized one day that they were in love.

I worried about how we'd stay in touch. But we really care for each other.


Melvic + Valdis

Despite Melvic living in the Philippines and Valdis in Latvia, these lovers have built a lasting relationship that proves how strong love is.

Marco + Luiz

Marco met Luiz as an intern in Brazil, and despite the differences in time zones and culture, they stayed together and are still madly in love.

Romeo + Romeo

Our Romeos often say 'if only you were closer' after they've fallen in love. We've brought some of these distant lovers together.

Love without limits

There are no obstacles to love, only obstacles to being together. We received over 2000 responses from members in 138 countries who've found love, and we hope you never stop looking for it. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there is a Romeo out there for you.

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