Top 5 tips to perfect your ROMEO profile

1. The Profile Pic needs to be you!

Try to take a good honest pic that shows who you really are, but is also as gorgeous as is honestly possible. It’s a tricky balance but this is the first impression of you and should be authentic. Profile pics that are very obviously photoshopped, are less likely to succeed. So be your true self, but don’t totally abandon the joy of good lighting.

2. The headline – keep it short and sweet.

"Fill in your headline, update it as often as you like. Your headline is a title about yourself. One day it could be, “Happy gay guy looking for friends,” next week it could be “Horny and hopeful,” or “DTF” (Down to f@ck). It’s a taste of yourself that could win you a taste of him."

3. Fill in essential stats to speed things up!

"Fill in your stats and details. Save potential dates the time of asking you simple stuff like, how tall you are, your age, or hair color. Filling these things in takes a few seconds and also saves you from having to repeat yourself. We notice that guys with completed profiles get more attention."

4. Use Hashtags # to get specific

"On ROMEO we see lots of guys using hashtags # in their profile descriptions, and you should too. Including a hashtag about your interests makes it easier for others to find you.

So, if you are #sporty, #nerdy or #hairy, including these means your people will find you faster - #handy #easy #sexy, the list is literally endless #infinity."

5. Be Sexually Clear

"Whether you’re a top, vers, bottom, side or questioning kinda Romeo, it’s best to make this clear on your profile. We’re all for celebrating sexual expression and diversity. Stating your preference on your profile makes dating a whole lot easier."

That’s our top 5 tips to perfect your profile. Here’s our guide to taking an awesome and honest perfect profile pic, to make sure you get the attention and love you deserve from all of our Romeos.