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Who Are the ROMEO Champions?

At ROMEO, we know the incredible potential our users hold to shape and transform our platform. That’s why we have the ROMEO Champions – an active and diverse community engaged directly with us, who share valuable feedback on features, designs, and more!

Our Champions are involved in all the exciting changes you see on ROMEO. Notice a new feature? They’ve tested it. How about a new design? They’ve already seen it. Changes in strategy? Well, their feedback was part of it. Join us behind the scenes to learn more about their passion and dedication.

Who Are the ROMEO Champions?

They’re dedicated users who help us improve our product, enhance the ROMEO experience, and attract new members. Champions are carefully chosen based on different factors, for example, age, activity, loyalty, and location, among others. The best part is that there is no technical expertise required to be part of this group. We collaborate with a diversity of users who bring different perspectives and backgrounds to the table. That’s a very important part of the process.

Located across different parts of the world, ROMEO Champions come from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

It does take some commitment to be a Champion. Champions join us for monthly virtual meetings where we dive into various aspects of the platform. Since they are located in different parts of the world, we schedule multiple meetings at different times to ensure everyone can attend. We also periodically send our Champions surveys, and they are always welcome to reach out to us if they have anything they’d like to share or point out.

A Community for All

ROMEO Champions are an essential part of our vibrant community where users and product intersect. We show appreciation for their contributions by offering a free PLUS membership, but being a Champion is not just about the perks.

Champions cherish their close bond with our team, their power to influence, and the exclusive sneak peeks they get. They also value the connection with fellow queer individuals through being a part of this group. For some Champions, our meetings offer one of the few connections to the broader LGBTQ community, depending on where they are located.

Regular meetings are an important part of the Champions experience.

You Matter!

As a user, your contributions and opinions matter. While becoming a Champion is by invite-only and a rare occasion, we want you to always be part of the conversation. Your voice plays a part in shaping our platform’s future. You can reach out to us through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or by reaching out to Customer Support.