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26.000 Euro for Uganda


The PlanetRomeo Foundation ran a special campaign in May to address the life threatening developments in Uganda. We want to give you feedback and express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the total donation amount of €26.000 in only five weeks.

The full amount is directed to 10 organizations in Uganda supporting their important work, each with €4.000. To make up for all the projects, PlanetRomeo Foundation used resources from its reserves. We wish them all the best with the projects! We are very sorry, but due to security reasons, we are unable to unable to name these organisations these organizations, but we can share a story from one of them:

In Kampala, the police conducted two mass arrests, abused the detainees, and forced some to undergo invasive anal examinations. A group of 35 members who sought protection from our organisation decided to seek refuge at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Our sports club provides temporary shelter and transport for LBGTQ people faces threats, insults, and violence. The club struggles financially and relies on support from the PlanetRomeo Foundation. A week ago, we lost our administrator who was murdered. This new bill affects our project because we’re not able to organize accommodation, travel, and food due to fear of, violence, and arrest. There is no one to protect us, as the law is not on our side. We’re still fighting every day.

– Project Manager


Want to support the PlanetRomeo Foundation?

Though the campaign for Uganda has passed, your help is still very welcome. The Foundation is constantly supporting LGBTQ projects of up to €6.000 in the countries where it is most needed. Stay updated here on their recently supported projects.

All donors will receive a special PlanetRomeo Foundation badge on their ROMEO profile for one year. This will make you look more sexy than any fancy fashion brand. We promise! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your support!