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Feeling Cruisy? Tips for a First-Time Outdoor Cruiser

As the weather gets warmer, you may find yourself curious to try cruising outdoors or in public spaces. We don’t blame you – cruising can be fun, exciting, and super kinky.

ROMEO sat down with the host of the queer sex podcast, “Snowballing”, Gareth Johnson to talk about what makes cruising so special, and what cruising etiquette is all about! Here are a few things we came up with:

Embrace the Unknown

Risk and the unknown are a part of what makes cruising so exciting. You may come into your cruising experience with certain expectations, but the most thrilling part is that you don’t know what the outcome will be. If you are horny, you will find someone who’s going to get you off in one way or another—and that can happen in more than one way. Explore these possibilities and keep an open mind.

Anywhere can be a cruising ground

Cruising does not always have to be intentional. Maybe you’re in a public toilet and realize, “This would be a perfect cruising spot.” You can look at the height of the bathroom stalls, or take a little more time washing your hands to scan the location. You can constantly keep sharpening your cruiser’s eye by staying alert in situations that you do not expect: this is where the fun can really start.

Be present

Eye contact is the hottest part of cruising: you lock eyes with someone and know that you are on the same page. This is why keeping your phone away in order to be as grounded and present as possible is important. You don’t want to miss the little details that can make all the difference.

Patience goes a long way

Patience is crucial when cruising. Things might not always go your way from the beginning, and that’s fine. The next opportunity will come. Other cruisers can pick up on when you really are in the moment, and when you seem rushed and not open to the possibilities. Slow it down, and look around more.

We’ve also narrowed down some safety tips from ROMEO to help you prepare to go out on your cruising adventure. If you’re well-prepared, you can focus on being more grounded and present when you’re actually at the cruising areas. So here are our tips!

Research your location!

When you have made your decision on which cruising ground you’ll be visiting, do a background check on it. Do you have friends who have been there before? Ask them! Check online forums or look up articles written about it. Also, check our ROMEO Groups! On your profile, go to the Groups tab and search for your keywords (this only works if you are using the web version of ROMEO).

Prepare in advance

After doing your research, it’s time to think about what you will need when you go there. Think about what kind of shoes you need to wear, whether you need an insect repellent, and if you plan to stay for a long time there during the day, consider a hat or even sunscreen.

Secure your belongings!

Your belongings could either get lost or stolen while you’re out in the wilderness cruising for a good time. You will need an action plan on how you will secure your most precious possessions. For example, hide your house key inside your shoe, and put your phone away.

Cruising is something that people in our community have relied on for many years. Even though we all have access to online cruising, there will always be something special about going out and experiencing the thrill of outdoor hunting. Have fun, stay safe out there, and Happy Pride!