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Black Queer Fierce Music Orlando Haynes Jr. DJ Vogue

Black Queer Fierce Music

This playlist is a collection of queer, ferocious and gender persuasive  tunes. Compiled for PLANETROMEO by the outrageously talented Orlando Haynes Jr. Join us on a musical journey of glamor, grit, and grace. Some of the music featured will hypnotize you; the rest will turn you gay.

Artists include: Syd The Kid, FKW twigs, Kiddy Smile, le1f, Stromae, Aerea Negrot, Hercules & The Love Affair, Mykki Blanco, Shamir, and it just keeps getting better. Enjoy the tunes!

In the 80’s if you really thought someone was cool you made them a mixtape, we think you’re so cool we made you a playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

Much Love


Black Queer and Fierce Black History Month Orlando Haynes Jr.

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