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Beginner’s Kink 2

PLANETROMEO loves all kinds of kink. This time we’re looking at puppy play, and to get some fresh insight, we contacted pup Chris Vincent, or as his handler might call him, Scruffs. Our extremely handsome Luke starts the probe into puppy land with a chat about the various roles and characters a puppy can play. Then Chris transforms into the puppy he really is.

We ask all the toughest questions of the day, like do you need to toilet train your pup, will your handler always fuck you and what to do if you get scared. For the answers to these questions and to meet Scruffs in the flesh, watch the video and be enlightened.

Our first brush with kink happened late last year when we looked at the full spectrum of the fetish scene, and we focused briefly on foot worship. In January, we brought you Beginner’s Kink 1 on YouTube

This time we’re giving all of our attention to one of the kink world’s newer activities, puppy play. For anyone who made it to Antwerp Leather Pride, you may have seen the puppy pen, a caged ball pit filled with young pups. Curious handlers and masters were invited to dive in and wrestle with the pack of eager pups. This presence of a puppy pen at a major fetish festival goes a long way to highlight the rapid growth of kink’s latest craze.

We can’t cover the entire puppy fetish with absolute authority, but we can touch on the topic and open the conversation. If you have a kink or fetish that you’d like to share with us please send an email to

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 Beginner’s Kink 1