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8 alternative foods to spice up your sex life

Food and sex – two of the greatest things in the world. And as you probably know by now, mixing the two only makes them better. Food in the bedroom can be tricky to get right. You want something sexy that will intensify your experience rather than make it uncomfortable and awkward, and something exciting that your partner might never have tried before. So if you like to experiment, try out some of our handy tips on which foods could add some extra flavour to your sex life. Just don’t try them all at once! 😉

Candy necklaces

Usually reserved for children, candy necklaces can be a fun, playful addition to any sex session. Turn them into a pair of underwear or just enjoy nibbling them off one another – the sugar kick will surely gear you up for some more energetic fun.

Pros: Creative, cheap and fun
Cons: The hard candy can be tricky to bite through



Though not technically a food, ice is a safe, easy and mess-free option. While it can feel uncomfortable at first, the cold offers a momentary intense feeling that can be used anywhere on the body. You can be as extreme or vanilla as you like, though for a really intense feeling, try using it on the neck and nipples as well as the more obvious areas…

Pros: Cheap, easy to make, no clean up
Cons: Will leave you with wet sheets, needs some preparation time


To make your bedroom a little exotic, try adding a bit of pineapple. The sweet, sugary taste is perfect for getting you in a playful mood and you can take turns licking the syrup off each other’s bodies. Aside from being healthy, the other benefit of pineapple is that it will sweeten the taste of your load – perfect if your guy likes to swallow!

Pros: Healthy, exotic, makes you taste nicer
Cons: Sticky



When used sparingly, sugar can be a great addition to a steamy session. Sprinkle small amounts over your body, including your belly button, butt and armpits. When he licks or kisses your body, he’ll be rewarded with a sweet surprise, making his lips extra sweet and sugary.

Pros: Cheap, easy, sweet
Cons: Can get a little sticky



Everyone loves a game of ring toss, right? Your favourite carnival game can become your favourite bedroom pastime if you’ve stocked up on donuts. But if you’re really well-endowed – make sure you buy some with extra large holes. 😉

Pros: Creative, playful, fun
Cons: Sticky, eating too many will zap your energy




Feeding your partner grapes can feel super luxurious. Buy them on the vine and pick them off one by one, or hold them between your teeth and have him take them from your mouth with his tongue. If you want to make it a little more exciting, try freezing the grapes beforehand – it will make the experience even more intense.

Pros: Easy, mess-free
Cons: Eating too many will upset your stomach


Or wine, if you don’t want to break the bank. Pouring a very small amount of champagne over your partner’s body and licking it up is a decadent, exciting way to have fun. Sure it might be a little sticky, but it’s passionate and erotic enough to make up for it.

Pros: Luxurious, exciting
Cons: Expensive, sticky



Chilli chocolate

If you want to add some literal spice to your sex life, try some chilli chocolate to make your session extra intense. Melt it and drip it over your partner’s body or blindfold him and feed him pieces. However you use it, it’s sure to add an extra sensory experience to your bedroom fun!

Pros: Original, can be used in different ways, exciting
Cons: Not ideal if your partner doesn’t like spice!

So there you have it – 8 alternative foods to spice up your love life! Give them a try and let us know how it goes. 😉