Meet the teams in Amsterdam and Berlin

Where looking at hot guys is part of the job

ROMEO is gay owned and gay operated. Do you wonder what that means for our everyday work? Meet our team and find out.

App Team

Keeping you in touch on the go

It takes product designers, UX specialists, and many more to keep you in touch with guys when you are on the move, or just standing in line at the grocery store. From specification through to delivery and beyond, they help millions of users find a Romeo when and wherever they are.

Web Team

Building the sexiest website in the world

We love our website - there we don’t need to follow any prudish store rules so there is no limit of how hot and sexy your pictures can be. The website is built and maintained by a team of developers, designers, and product owners located in Berlin.


Keeping you informed

Whenever you see a social media post or a message from ROMEO, one of these guys did it. Even this page has been written by this team. They find the hottest guy for an advert and write a headline to make you hit the like button.

Security and Fraud

Protecting you from the bad guys

Not everyone on the internet is a nice person. The Fraud team is here so you never find out for yourself. From data privacy to spammers, our security team catches threats and removes them quickly to ensure we have a safe space to play!


Support whenever you need it

Our multilingual Support team is on hand whenever you have an issue or need assistance. These guys are in contact with Romeo’s more than anyone else and take care of hundreds of users’ requests every day in 5 languages.


Getting Shit done

The Services team is the beating heart of ROMEO. From payroll and HR, to organising social events, these multitaskers keep the company running smoothly and make everyone's work life pleasant.


The Men Behind the Machine!

These are the wizards who keep the engine running. They work around the clock taking care of the infrastructure, server and hundreds of other things we can’t pronounce.


Because being gay is not so fun everywhere

PlanetRomeo Foundation is an independent non-profit organization. Their focus is on achieving societal change to improve the position of LGBTI+ people throughout the world. They emphasis on the most disadvantaged regions and communities by filling funding gaps between zero funding and access to larger grants.