Since we unveiled the brand new PlanetRomeo logo back in August, lots of you have been getting in touch to ask us questions. Why did you replace the old logo? Why is the site undergoing so many changes? And what does the new logo mean?

PlanetRomeo is changing in 2015. Our new interface is being gradually rolled out to all users, granting you access to a more dynamic, modern and user-friendly site. With so many changes to our platform, it made sense to create a new logo to represent us, and you, better.


Whereas the previous PlanetRomeo logo was quite flat and simple, our new design is much more dynamic and stylish. The orbiting circles represent the attraction power of our Romeos, and the coming together of guys from all over the world.

The colours of the circles, pink and green, reflect a cool feature of the new PlanetRomeo interface. If you’re online and looking for chat, friends or a relationship, a green icon will appear over your picture. If you’re looking for dating or sex, the icon will be pink. This way, you can easily see whether the guy you’re chatting to just wants to be friends or is looking for something a little more intimate.

Hopefully this will have answered some of your questions about our new logo and interface. When we unveiled the changes earlier in the year, we didn’t expect such a passionate response, but it’s good to know our users are so invested in the future of PlanetRomeo! Thank you for all your feedback so far and we can’t wait for you all to have access to the new interface of the website and app very soon!