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The following is a selection of major prides from around the world.

Alpe de Huez, France Mar. 18-25 European Gay Ski Week
Amsterdam, Neth. Aug. 5-7 Amsterdam Pride
March Amsterdam: Bear Pride
May 25-29 Amsterdam: Fetish Pride
Oct. 27-31 Amsterdam: Leather Pride
Aarhus, Denmark June 3 Aarhus Pride
Antwerp, Belgium Aug. 9-13 Antwerp Pride
Athens, Greece June 10 Athens Pride
Auckland, NZ Feb. 25 Auckland Pride
Barcelona, Spain June 8-July 9 Barcelona Pride
Apr. 12-17 Barcelona: Bearcelona
Belfast, Northern Ire. July 28-Aug. 6 Belfast Gay Pride
Benindorm, Spain Sep. 5-11 Benindorm Gay Pride
Berlin, Germany July 22 Berlin: CSD 
Sep. 6-10 Berlin: Folsom Europe
Oct. 21 Berlin: Hustlaball
Birmingham, UK May 27-28 Birmingham Gay Pride
Blackpool, UK June 10-11 Blackpool Gay Pride
Bologna, Italy June Bologna Pride
Bourne, UK June 30-July 2 Bourne Pride
Braunschweig, Ger. July 28-29 Braunschweig CSD
Brescia June 17  Brescia Pride
Brighton, UK Aug. 4-6 Brighton Gay Pride
Bristol, UK June30-July9 Bristol Gay Pride
Brussels, Belgium May 20 Brussels Pride
Budapest, Hungary July 8th Budapest Pride
Buenos Aires, Argen. Nov. 4th Buenos Aires Gay Pride Marcha Del Orgullo
Calgary, Canada Aug. 25-Sep. 4 Calgary Gay Pride
Canberra, Australia Oct. 28-Nov. 25 Canberra Queer Festival
Cape Town, S. Africa Feb. 20-28 Cape Town Gay Pride
Christchurch, NZ Mar. 9-19 Christchurch Pride
Cologne, Germany July 9 Cologne Gay Pride
Copenhagen, Den. Aug. 15-20 Gay Pride Copenhagen
Cornwall, UK Aug. 26 Cornwall Gay Pride
Curacao, Caribbean Sep. 28-Oct. 1 Curacao Pride
Cymru, UK Aug. 25-27 Cymru Pride
Cyprus May 2 Cyprus Pride
Dresden, Germany May 26-28 Dresden: CSD
Dublin, Ireland June 24 Gay Pride Dublin
Edinburgh, Scotland June 17 Edinburgh: Pride Scotia
Edmonton, Canada June 9-18 Edmonton Pride
Ensenada, Mexico June 10 Ensenada Pride
Essen, Germany Aug. 4-5 Essen: Ruhr CSD
Frankfurt, Germany July 14-16 CSD Frankfurt
Glasgow, UK August 20-21 Glasgow Gay Pride
Gran Canaria, Spain May 4-14 Gran Canaria: Carnival
Guadalajara, Mexico June 3 Guadalajara Pride
Guelph, Canada Aprl 28-May 7 Guelph Pride
Halifax, Canada July 22 Halifax Pride
Hamburg, Germany July 28-Aug. 6 Hamburg Gay Pride
Helsinki, Finland June 26-July 2 Helsinki Gay Pride
Ibiza, Spain June 14-17 Ibiza Gay Pride
Kyiv, Ukraine May 13 Eurovision
Las Vegas Pride  Oct 20 -22  Las Vegas Pride
Leipzig, Germany July 7-15 Leipzig: CSD
Lisbon, Portugal June 24 Lisbon 
Liverpool, UK July 29-30 Liverpool Pride
London, UK June 24-July 9 London Pride
July 9 UK Black Pride
Lubeck, Germany Aug. 18-19 Lubeck CSD
Luxembourg July 1-9 Luxembourg Pride
Madrid, Spain June 23-July 2 World Pride Madrid
Malta July 11 Malta Gay Pride
Manchester, UK Aug. 25-28 Manchester Gay Pride
Manila, Philippines June 25 Manila Metro Pride
Marseille, France July 18-25 The Gay Cruise
Melbourne, Australia Feb. 7 Gay Pride March Victoria
Jan. 18-Feb. 8 Melbourne: Midsumma LGBT Fest
Mexico City, Mex. June 22-27 Mexico City Pride
Milan, Italy June Milano Pride
Montenegro July Montenegro Pride March
Montreal, Canada Aug. 10-20 Montreal Pride
July/Aug. Montreal: Divers/Cite
Munich, Germany July 8-16 Munich: CSD Festival
Mumbai, India Jan. 31 Mumbai Pride
Mykonos, Greece Aug. 17-24 Mykonos: XLsior
Ontario, Canada June 17 Thunder Bay Pride
Oslo, Norway June 24-July 1 Oslo Pride
Ottawa, Canada Aug. 21-27 Ottawa Capital Pride
Oxford, UK June 3 Oxford Gay Pride
Paris, France June 24th Paris Gay Pride March
Oct. 19-22 Disney Paris Magical Pride
Perth, Australia November Pride Western Australia
Phuket, Thailand Apr. 27-30 Phuket Gay Pride Festival
Playa del Carmen, Mexico June 12-18 Playa del Carmen Pride
Prague, Czech Rep. Aug. 7-13 Prague Pride
Puerto Vallarta, Mex. May 21-28 Puerto Vallarta Pride
Quebec City, Canada Sep. 1-4 Quebec City Pride
Regina, Canada June 9-18 Regina: Queen City Pride
Reykjavik, Iceland Aug. 8-13 Reykjavik Pride
Rome, Italy June 10 Roma Pride
Sao Paulo, Brazil June 18 Gay Pride Sao Paulo
Sitges, Spain June 8-12 Sitges Gay Pride
Stockholm, Sweden July 31-Aug. 6 Stockholm Gay Pride
Stuttgart, Germany July 14-30 CSD Stuttgart
Surrey, Canada June 25 Surrey Pride
Sydney, Australia June 9-28 Sydney Pride Festival
Taipei, Taiwan Oct 29 Taiwan LGBT Pride
Tel Aviv, Israel June 9 Tel Aviv Gay Pride
Toronto, Canada June 23-25 Pride Toronto
Vancouver, Canada Aug. 6 Vancouver Gay Pride
Vienna, Austria June 9-18 Vienna Pride
Warsaw, Poland June 3 Warsaw Equality Pride
Winnipeg, Canada May 26-June 4 Pride Winnipeg

So you finally picked a Pride, now check our tips on how to enjoy Pride Season like an absolute Boss!