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 Krystella's Homoscopes

 Libra - Let's Get Balanced

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Erogenous Zone: Lower Back, Butt

Best Traits: Romantic, Artistic, Even-tempered

Worst Traits: Passive-aggressive, Indecisive, lazy

Famous Libras

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Zac Efron & Matt Bomer




Well hello to all you handsome Libra men, I got your number down, I used to date a Libra man. He was a deep thinker, he was a part of a group of over thinkers, and they all like to think in public. For Libras, being left alone is the worst thing a person can do to them. Luckily, Libras tend to be great company, but they also need to be with company, at all times. smoke Of course, not all Libras are extroverts, but most of you are, and you take your energy from the attention of others. If there’s no one around, you can feel a little low. So, you might try to entertain your friends with outrageous stories to keep them around. I ain't calling you a liar, just pointing out you're the queen of shade and gossip. You can be a good listener too - that’s all about your natural balance ability. Listen a little, talk a little, the art of conversation is your strongest talent. Due to your need for people, you are an expert at bringing peace to difficult situations and are naturally averse to conflict. Basically, if the guy you’re hooking up with wants to top or bottom, you can roll with it. You're a people pleaser and your people, well they get pleased by you, two or three times a night. smoke Libra men are addicted to romance, so if you're single, it's never for long. If you’ve got a boyfriend, you like to spoil him and yourself, with a lot of affection and attention. You're not afraid of commitment, and can even find some kind of meaning in a three-week fling. Given the choice, you’d rather have a three-year fling, but you’d need to date another Libra for that to happen. smoke You are the most charming of them all, and you love to use this charm to open doors and hearts. Despite being famous for your balanced approach to life, nothing amuses you more than starting an argument just to completely change your mind in the middle, and infuriate your opponent. Flip-flopping is best practiced in bed, not in a conversation. Although, your charming nature will mean everyone forgives you pretty quick. smoke As this is your birthday moon, you can expect greater luck at work and with friends. Don’t avoid those annoying tasks that everyone has to do. Just get your bills paid and your housework out of the way early this month, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sexual energy Venus is sending your way. Big Wet Filthy Kisses, Krystella, The Fortune Tella'


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