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On Saturday August 3rd, HUNQZ put male sex workers in the windows of the non-profit brothel called My Red Light. We share some pictures from the event, some reactions from the public and quotes from the guys in the windows.

Daytime at the Red Light

HUNQZ Red Light

Sex and Intimacy

A lot of sex work is focused on providing companionship. Intimacy, touch, and listening, are vital parts of a good service experience. When clients book sex workers regularly, they often establish a sense of friendship and exchange intimate moments that can enhance the overall experience. Many sex workers enjoy chatting with their clients, listening to their stories, and developing a real connection. Sex is one small part of a fuller sex worker service.

Nighttime at the Red Light


Public Reaction

The reaction from the public was almost completely positive. Many women remarked that it was about time, several gay men were excited to see hot guys in the windows and some stag parties (mostly straight guys) were also supportive. So many people of all ages and genders also stopped to pose for photos with our HUNQZ. The support for this important act, putting men in windows, was remarkable.

What We Want

HUNQZ and My Red Light want equality for Sex Workers and sex customers. Men in windows and women customers are both invisible in the Red Light. Today HUNQZ made history by inviting the public to pose for selfies with our gorgeous models and to talk openly about sex work for men and women.


Why did the models want to do this?

Some of the models spoke to us today about why they wanted to get involved in this project: "I think it's important that also guys do this job and that they also can work behind glass because it's safer for the escorts and I mean it's 2019,
so it's about time we had equality here."
-Logan Moore "Because it's Pride. it's good to use the opportunity to create solidarity among gay and straight sex workers and getting equality for gay people as the red light is very straight dominated so it's good to get a bit of gayness in there." - Lukas Daken "For me it's important because we are going to help gay people with a safe website to book clients. I think it's good to support a website that cares about the safety of the escorts and it's good to do this to raise awareness." Kahled


HUNQZ in Red Light windows

Male sex workers, need GOOD, SAFE and LEGAL working places too. During this year’s Amsterdam Pride, My Red Light and came together to create awareness around the need for good, safe and legal working places for ALL sex workers – men and women alike. To do this, several HUNQZ stood behind My Red Light’s windows in the world-famous Amsterdam Red Light District during Canal Pride. On the day, the HUNQZ were only working as models. Visitors of the Pride were able to interact with them and take selfies inside the windows. This way, visitors of Pride could talk to the HUNQZ and learn more about male sex workers and what is important to them.

Quotes from HUNQZ and My Red Light

“HUNQZ approached us with this idea and we have been very happy to help make it happen, because it raises awareness about the need for GOOD, SAFE and LEGAL working spaces for ALL sex workers, such as those that we have here at My Red Light", says Rik Viergever, manager at My Red Light. "As a gay man living in Amsterdam, I often walk through the red light on the way home and wonder how different it would be if there were men in the windows too", says Jens Schmidt, Founder of HUNQZ.
" As the largest online network, we wanted to partner with My Red Light to raise awareness that every sex worker deserves the same respect and rights as anyone else for the work they do."

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